Day 23 – A day of ups and downs

Sunrise, bacon rolls and frozen tablets

Sunrise in RutlandThe sunrise this morning was [again] beautiful – this photo really doesn’t do it any justice – but take my word for it.

I also attempted to take a video too…

Tesco replied to my complaint on Twitter regarding the lack of Unleaded Petrol at Kingston, MK last night… I’ve asked what this actually means and I’ll let you know tomorrow if I hear back.

And my work tablet froze at least 7 times today, 3 times in 10 minutes was enough for me to say, “right that’s it I’m going home!” – I’m seriously hoping that it gets sorted tomorrow, because I’m not sure if I can stand it for another day 🙁

Apart from that it was a pretty good day – I knocked up a skin/theme for WLDCs webpages, went from zero knowledge of the system to being fairly confident that what I’ve created will work without any means of testing it yet 🙂

Also added to the ever increasing snagging list for the new websites.

Now my task for this evening – apart from writing this – is to start some prep for the sermon for this coming Sunday!

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  1. Rach 26th January 2016 @ 10:15 pm

    you didn’t mention bacon rolls earlier!

    • Alistair Wearring 26th January 2016 @ 10:17 pm

      I did…

      Maybe not to you 😉

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