Day 37 – Neighbours…

… Everyone loves good neighbours!

So our next door neighbours put their house on the market yesterday… and already had 4 offers!! Could be a good sign for when we put ours on in March, at least that is what we hope.

Had a bit of a mixed day today:

Good stuff

  • No headache
  • I was reminded what a great team I have 🙂
  • Finally have all my software installed on the new tablet

Not so good stuff

  • The IIS settings on the webserver I’m trying to set up are heavily restricted meaning I don’t have access to ‘Connection Strings’ and even though I have full admin rights on the server I can’t give myself access… so I spent way too much time googling for a solution.

Anyway tomorrow is another day 🙂

Note to self: Remember to nip into the card shop to get a Valentine card – and the sweet shop…

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  1. Rach 9th February 2016 @ 10:42 pm

    yep no excuses you have a choice of at least 2 shops on your doorstep! 🙂

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