Day 65 – The patio is finished

To be revealed later…


Not been feeling too well today I think I’m coming down with a cold (or man flu!). Had lots of tea made for me by my fab colleagues in Sleaford. Apart from feeling under the weather it has been a relatively good day, with some good progress made on the new websites.

PatioAnd the patio (apparently) has been finished in our MK home – I say apparently because I haven’t seen it and it got covered up due to the rain so all the photos I’ve seen are like this one…

The work on the inside of the house will commence on Monday 🙂

Tomorrow we are going to start getting some quotations and valuations from Estate Agents… Initially we are going to ask Michael Anthony, Christopher Rose and Haart as well as look at some online only agents… It is a little exciting.

Tomorrow I’m back in Gainsborough and I have a meeting in the morning about SharePoint and displaying it on the newly installed widescreen TVs across the office.

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