Day 66 – Estate Agents :-(

Not all Estate Agents are created equal!

So today is out first foray into the world of Estate Agents – we phoned three agents today to ask them to come and give us their valuation of our house in MK and to provide a quotation for marketing it.

The approach of the three was varied to say the least – one said sure we’d be happy to and booked to view the house on Friday, another said they’d have to call back which they did an hour or so later and booked to see the house tomorrow morning. The third responded by questioning why we would want to sell and not rent the house and then insisted they would only deal with us both – not just one of us – and they asked ’20 questions’ including ‘how much do you think your house is worth’… Isn’t that your job I thought, when my wife was telling me about the conversation. They eventually agreed to send their valuer round tomorrow, but want us to fill in a questionnaire that they dropped round in the afternoon before they visited… Needless to say that they are incredibly unlikely to get the business – especially when the valuer left a voicemail on my mobile this afternoon to say that his colleague had double booked him and he’d have to rearrange the day/time.

P.S. I’m still not feeling too well, but work was quite good a lot more has been added to my pre-launch  do list, and I think I managed to partly remove one… Oh and SharePoint ‘web’ design is awful!

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