Day 67, 68, 69 and 70 – busy, busy, busy

And… coming soon to a housing market near you…

Sunset in MK Monday 14 March

Sunset in MK Monday 14 March


A good day in Gainsborough today – my wife ‘entertained’ our first estate agent. A small firm that has been established in MK for over 30 years – it was actually the boss (who is also the founder and the firm is named after him) – He impressed us (indirectly for me) and we thought his valuation was good and about where we had thought his fees were very competitive too from 1% for a sole agent 1.25% with a minimum term not as sole agent or 1.5% with no minimum term.


Working from home as usual today, started early (for me) as I was going to have lots of interruptions – namely estate agents. My wife decided that she didn’t wish to see the agent who was insisting he saw both of us together so I dropped her off at work and returned home just before he knocked at the door.

He was nice enough, but was visible shocked that one of his colleagues had suggested that we don’t sell the house but rent it instead – he then proceeded to value the house at over 11% higher than the first agent, but then wanted 1.5% in fees as a sole agent and tying us in for a minimum of 8 weeks.

The third and final agent came at 2pm – I very quickly warmed to him (never thought I was going to say that about an estate agent!!) and found out that he used to go to the same school as me – Sir Frank Markham – (a very long time after I had left!) and also used to live in Eaglestone, so he knew the area well. He basically came up with a valuation slightly higher than agent two, but was offering fees of less than 1%.

Removed all the woodwork from the lounge/diner opening for the builder to work on next week.

Feeling a little rougher today with a croaky voice


Spent most of the morning de-cluttering the study (again) and then took 2 hours to remove the ‘sun catchers’ that the girls had made over the years and were ‘stuck’ to the patio doors – I thought they’d just peel off, they were stuck as if we’d used super glue on them!

The afternoon was spent up a ladder – I hate heights, if you don’t already know – cleaning the upstairs window frames and window sills (well overdue!)

We also had a visit from my wife’s sister and daughter 🙂

In the first time for as long as I can remember my wife and I went out for the evening together – on a Saturday!! – we, along with my fellow leaders of Netherfield Chapel, were invited out to have a meal with the leaders of Grand Union Vineyard as a way of getting to know each other better and informally discuss the way forward for the partnership of the two churches. A very enjoyable and encouraging evening 🙂

Virtually lost my voice by the end of the evening


Church was good – apart from me singing with my very hoarse voice – Rev David McDougall spoke on ‘Going to grow’

The afternoon was spent with more de-cluttering – almost made a trip to the tip, but thought I should check the opening times before I loaded the car, good job I did as it was closing in 10 minutes.

Also helped my brother sort out getting his families email addresses on a new computer.

Drafted emails to the three estate agents in the evening – sent the successful one (agent three / Sunny from Michael Anthony) theirs and hung back on the others until we had heard back from him on Monday. Also made a decision on who to use as our solicitor.

Feeling a bit better today – apart from my voice…


My voice seems to be getting back to normal this morning

Sunny from Michael Anthony came back and said he was happy with my conditions for them to market our house for 4 weeks as a sole agent and made an appointment for him to pop round in the afternoon to fill in the necessary paperwork – out house will be on the market on Thursday (assuming that our builder finishes our lounge/diner ‘doorway’ tomorrow and it can be painted in time.

Within 10 minutes of the agent leaving our house we had a phone call from one of his colleagues asking to book a viewing for Thursday! I didn’t see that coming 🙂

The new website launch date is getting worryingly close and the developers are still working at getting all the content migrated into the new system – this is going to be very tight. It is getting increasingly frustrating to be waiting for it to be properly handed over.

Before tea I set about cleaning the outside of downstairs windows and doors, after tea and before driving to Rutland I cleaned most of the inside windows – despite it being dark it looked like it made a big difference.

I felt really bad leaving this evening, there is still so much to do before Thursday 🙁

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