Day 80 to 89 – Probably the busiest week of my life

This blog had to be put on hold – even I can’t keep that many plates spinning all at once!

Marton HouseSo you’re probably asking what has happened since day 79… Not a lot!!

In summary:

In a little more detail:

Thursday (day 80)

Busy day in Gainsborough – no time for a lunchtime walk… Finding lots of issues that need fixing on new sites. Drove home to MK then continued working, until I was falling asleep (somewhere around midnight), I started to list the issues on the websites instead of fixing them – virtually every page had something not right, some simple things like text that was bold on old site not bold on new, some not so simple things like entire sections of the site being missing.

During the day we had another viewing on the house, this one looks promising.

Friday (day 81)

Woke up very early (couldn’t sleep) and started work by 6:30 – for those that know me, you know that never happens! Continued to list the problems that I could find on the sites.

At 10:00 stopped work and went to church for a communion service to remember Jesus’ sacrifice – it was a really good time, but we had to rush away after as we had two more viewings booked for 11:45 and 12:00… The 11:45 people turned up the 12:00 people didn’t – this was rearranged for later in the day, it still never happened. Why are some people so unreliable.

Continued to work until lunchtime…

Saturday (day 82)

Woke up early again… Started working by 7! On a Saturday!! Finished listing the issues on the West Lindsey site and started working on the Trinity Arts Centre – a subsite of West Lindsey – Instead of listing the issues I decided to fix them for this site. On the project white board in the Gainsborough office my initials are against this item – I absolutely wanted to make sure that this was as good as I could make it.

Stopped work at lunchtime – very tired…

Had a phone call from our estate agent with feedback from Friday’s viewing and also to tell me that Thursday’s viewer had made an offer, but this couldn’t be ‘official’ until they had proved their financial position.

Sunday (day 83)

Woke up early again… But was very good and didn’t get up to work – after all God didn’t work 7 days a week so I’m not going to either.

Grand Union Vineyard were running our service today, so I even had a ‘rest’ at church too 🙂
Had a very nice roast lamb dinner – thanks to my fantastic wife

Went to my mother-in-laws for tea, with the rest of my wife’s family – had a lovely time

Monday (day 84)

Woke up early again! It’s getting a bit of a habit. Started working by 7:30, began to look at the issues on the North Kesteven site – Again virtually every page I look at has issues… Will these sites every be ready for launch on Thursday!

Estate Agent called today to say that they were stilling waiting for the financial details of our potential buyer.

Again I stopped at lunchtime and after lunch we visited Rushmere country park and took Buddy for a walk in the woods. As usual after dinner I drove to my parents in Rutland – continued working until late (or was that early 😉 ).

Tuesday (day 85)

Up early and in Sleaford by 8:15 (for a coffee at McDonalds) in work by 8:30, carried on with my ‘snagging list’ which I finished by mid morning. Not very confident that the sites will be ready by Thursday – especially when I’m being told by the company doing the work that they would be finished by the end of Wednesday – I’m convinced that they use a different definition than the rest of us.

Started working through the ‘list’ making corrections (as did my colleagues in both councils).

My wife and youngest two daughters are coming up to Lincolnshire today – to take another look around the area, we’re going to stay at a nearby Travelodge for a couple of nights. It will be nice not to have to drive all the way back to Rutland until Thursday evening.

McDonald’s for tea, in North Hykeham… Then a drive to the hotel in the dark and driving rain.

Wednesday (day 86)

Didn’t sleep very well, a combination of hotel bed and worry about work. Woke early again, but took my time getting up, taking advantage of the ‘free’ shower. On the drive to Gainsborough I noticed that a house we had seen for sale on Rightmove (I drive past each time I go into Gainsborough) in January, but had been ‘sold’, was back on the market – So I phoned my wife to get her to call the estate agent to see if we can get a viewing booked.

Got to work, via Costa, by 9:00 – Continued to work on the ‘list’. My family came to the office around 11:30, they got to see where I work and met a few of my colleagues…

Worked until 6, trying to solve a problem with ‘Modern.Gov‘ – then drove to Saxilby to meet up with family for a Chinese takeaway. Saxilby is one of the places on our shortlist to look for houses.

Launch day is tomorrow – Gulp!
According to ‘the company’ they’ve ‘finished’ – Now I’ve heard them say that before…Another problem has reared its head today. It turns out that both councils use BT for their DNS management – why?? I have no idea – anyway when the support ticket with the DNS changes was submitted all we got back was an automated reply saying they’d get back to us in 48 hours, pathetic service. I have strongly suggested that they should look after their own DNS, after this I think they may well agree with me.

We have a viewing on the house in Marton tomorrow at 11:00 🙂

Thursday (day 87)

Launch day! ETA 1pm

Again, not much sleep… Got to Gainsborough and sat at my desk by 8:45 – continued working on the solution – fixed a few issues with some online forms.

Met up with my family in Marton (approx 5 miles from Gainsborough) for 11:00 to view the house – the owner was very nice, calling me ‘Mr Wearring’ 🙂 and warning me of the low beams – the house is full of ‘character’, its got 5 bedrooms, 2 (3) reception rooms, a cellar, a workshop/shed, double garage, vegetable garden, and nice lawn area – I loved it 🙂 And I think the family do too!

By the time I got back to work BT had ‘pulled their finger out’ and would be able to make the necessary DNS changes at 13:00 – note for all those who know about these things, we had already set the TTL down to 5 minutes, so there would be no 24/48 hour propagation.

Both sites were launched within 10 minutes of 13:00 – still with some issues, but not anywhere near as many as there were on Tuesday morning.

It was only an hour later that we had our first complaint… I was told to expect this and many more.

Mid afternoon we put an offer on the house in Marton… 🙂

Finished work at 5ish, probably the earliest for ages… Drove to parents for dinner then home. Discovered at home that all of the embedded maps and my Track your planning app weren’t working on the new site 🙁 – they were working inside the council network, but not outside… Turns out that the servers these are hosted on hadn’t been set up for ‘https’ (secure) access 🙁

Friday (day 88)

Another long and busy day…

Juggling lots of conversations/messages/emails while trying to also fix the issues I could that have only appeared since launch, such as the ‘https’ issue discovered last night – I thought I knew what stress was like! I really don’t want another day like today, ever!

Also I was having several phone calls about out house sale and purchase, as well as an 1 & 1/4 call with a mortgage adviser.

The good news is that our offer on the house in Marton has been accepted 🙂

By the end of the day, we had fixed most of the urgent issues on the websites – still got lots of 404’s to sort and still have an issue with the map functionality, but this is a with another third party to deal with.

Spent the evening filling in solicitors forms.

Saturday (day 89)

Still woke up early – I hope this doesn’t continue.
Not going to do any work today – just relax – and spend over an hour writing this!

P.S. God is great :-), despite all my worries and concerns He has been there/here with me all along 🙂

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